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    Re: Norm Macdonald to start a video podcast

    That set was better than the final episode.
  2. Re: Was there a minigolf game on this board or is NICK FLANAGAN A LIAR?

    It was an embedded flash game called Electrotank Mini Golf. Can't find the embed code anywhere but the game is on a bunch of other sites still... Like this one:
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    Re: Top Chef starts tonight!

    Gregory cannot be stopped. They might have to institute a mercy rule whereby if a contestant wins, say, five or more of the first seven challenges, he or she automatically graduates to Top Chef...
  4. Thread: Doug Loves Movies

    by isoS

    Re: Doug Loves Movies

    It's a download. Email web at douglovesmooovieees dockom if you have probs.
  5. Thread: Too Many Cooks

    by isoS

    Re: Too Many Cooks

    Very Wonder Showzen. Very funny. (I watched it twice, because the first time I couldn't see part of it through my squinted, crying-laughter eyes.)
  6. Odenkirk's "Hooey" book now avail; catch him on his book tour!'s has published a collection of comedic essays by our old pal Bob...
  7. Go: Q: Live in LA feat. Zach G., Bob O., Martin Short & more tonight

    Sorry for the late notice, but this is happening tonight and sounds pretty awesome, so if you can make to Santa Monica, I suggest you go!

  8. Out now: Jared Logan's debut album "My Brave Battle" on AST Records

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  9. Re: iPhones: Yay or Nay? (general cell/smartphone discussion)

    If you don't see your usage habits changing, I'd say get a 5s or maybe even a 5c (the s has Touch ID and the motion coprocessor that counts steps, plus a faster processor and better camera than the...
  10. Re: Three comedy albums for 2014: Jefferies, Kindler, Vance

    Andy's debut album "Hence the Humor" will be coming out early next year.
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    Re: Random Lousy Competitive Reality Shows

    I gave up on FOOD TRUCK ROAD TRIP two eps into this season. Just... boring.

    Naked and Afraid? That's my jam. (Not exactly "competitive" since there's no prize, but it's a fascinating look at...
  12. Re: iPhones: Yay or Nay? (general cell/smartphone discussion)

    I got the 6, and I'm liking it -- still comfortable in the pocket, slightly awkward to hold and use with one hand, but the trade off is a really pretty screen. honestly the size is most noticeable...
  13. MaxFunWeek is coming Oct 15-21, kicking off w. Bullseye live show when Jesse Thorn was just a punk college kid in Santa Cruz spamming our message board with plugs for his podcast? Well, now he's got a...
  14. Listen: tons of tracks from the AST catalog now up on SoundCloud

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  15. Re: iPhones: Yay or Nay? (general cell/smartphone discussion)

    Yeah. Part of me wishes they would make a 4" screened phone with the upgraded internals of the 6, and part of me suspects that once I have a 6 I'll realize the bigger screen is really nice to have...
  16. Re: iPhones: Yay or Nay? (general cell/smartphone discussion)

    Oh, one other thing that's bullshit: they bump the $299 model to 64GB and the $399 to 128GB, but can't make the entry-level $199 model 32GB? THAT stays at a measly 16GB?! Fu-huck Yuh-hoo!...
  17. Re: iPhones: Yay or Nay? (general cell/smartphone discussion)

    Yikes. The fact that this thread wasn't bumped yesterday means AST is really in its final death throes.

    Anyway... The watch certainly triggered my irrational 'want' response -- probably even...
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    Re: Random Lousy Competitive Reality Shows

    I'm back in! Not especially pumped for any one team's food, but the graduates are close with some inventive tasties. Also, cool to see Cousins Maine Lobster -- I've been eating their rolls and bisque...
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    Re: Top Chef starts tonight!

    Y'all got Duels?!
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    Re: RIP Robin Williams

    Some of you know this, or saw it on Facebook, but anyway:

    When I was 10 years old, my parents took me to a 10,000 seat arena to see a stand-up comedy show. It was the first time I had ever seen...
  21. Buy: Nate Fridson's debut album "Best Guy So Far" out now on AST

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    Re: This is the new games thread

    Really loving Pushmo World on WiiU. Only game I can think of where the "build your own level" thing is actually fun and not tedious.
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    Re: Weird Al: Forefather of the YouTube Spoof

    In case ya missed it:

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    Re: Nathan For You (Comedy Central Show)

  25. Watch: Maria Bamford's new web series "The Program" on FoD

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    Maria Bamford. Melinda...
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