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Thread: "Party Down" movie appears to be happening

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    "Party Down" movie appears to be happening

    A story on Hollywood blog Grantland reports news on a possible "Party Down" movie, to be (hopefully) filmed next summer. On the set of "Parks & Recreation", Adam Scott reportedly said: "We have a treatment.....and if everyone’s schedules work out, we’ll shoot [the film] over the summer." This info comes on the heels of a previous report that the film already has a production company lined up and was only waiting on the go-ahead from Starz. With any luck, if all goes well the movie could be in theaters by 2013, around the same time that the "Arrested Development" movie should be hitting theaters as well. Are we having fun yet????

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    Re: "Party Down" movie appears to be happening


    many tine tanies

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    Re: "Party Down" movie appears to be happening

    Excellent. Adam Scott sounded pretty certain of it on WTF. He said they're basically just waiting for Starz to okay it. Good to see that confirmed from another source. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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