From Scott Aukerman: I am starting a weekly hour-long comedy show on Indie 103. As you Angelinos know, Indie went internet only back in January. Since then, the programming has only gotten BETTER, and they still retained a pretty big audience.

They've offered me a month-long tryout, which starts THIS FRIDAY, May 1st at 12 PM PST.

The show will feature special guests, bits, co-hosts -- basically they've given us free reign to do WHATEVER WE WANT TO DO!!

This week, my co-host is Human Giant's ROB HUEBEL, and our special guest is Reno 911's TOM LENNON! Plus MORE!

If you don't know how to listen to Indie - go here and they'll take you through it. It's really easy to listen to on your computer. They even have an iPhone app that makes it easy to listen on your phone, and therefore in your car through the stereo.