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Thread: "THE JOSH & JOSH SHOW" 3/1

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    "THE JOSH & JOSH SHOW" 3/1

    This weeks "Josh & Josh Show" has added an extra element of goodness. Just before the show, we'll feature the "DREAM TWEET" podcast presented by JONATHAN CORBETT & ADAM SPIEGELMAN. It's a quick game show where comedians battle head to head in a top tier Twitter tÍte-Š-tÍte. ALI WALLER & TODD LEVIN will be the contestants. As for the rest of the show....


    MORGAN MURPHY ("Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon")
    LEO ALLEN (SNL, "John Benjamin Has a Van")
    HAMPTON YOUNT ("Ridiculousness")
    KUMAIL NANJIANI (upcoming "Conan")
    JAMIE LEE ("Last Comic Standing")
    MIKE LAWRENCE ("John Oliver's NY Standup")
    JOSH HANESS (has Netflix)

    Bar Lubitsch
    7702 Santa Monica Blvd (@ Spaulding)
    8:00 seats. 8:30 show.
    No minimum. No maximum.
    singles mixer/meet 'n greet to follow.

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    Re: "THE JOSH & JOSH SHOW" 3/1

    Tonight! Also featured: the "Dream Tweet" game show podcast w/ ADAM SPIEGELMAN & JONATHAN CORBETT

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