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Thread: Paul F. Tompkins Thread

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    Re: Paul F. Tompkins Thread

    hey... so an Ice T impersonator called up PFT as Ice T and the conversation unfolded as if it was actually Ice T. Convo was recorded and then Ice T himself played it on his podcast HERE

    The segment starts at around 4-5 mins in. Enjoy.

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    Re: Paul F. Tompkins Thread

    How did this guy get his number and how did PFT really think he was the real guy? There must have been some edits in the audio where we don't hear all the set up at the top.

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    Re: Paul F. Tompkins Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by nathansmart View Post
    How did this guy get his number and how did PFT really think he was the real guy? There must have been some edits in the audio where we don't hear all the set up at the top.
    I think the impersonator got PFT to give him his number by pretending he wanted to speak with him for the podcast. PFT mentions listening to the first episode of the podcast near the end of the call, so I can see how PFT could have easily thought it was the real Ice-T messaging him, and thus the real Ice-T on the phone. PFT did act surprised at the beginning of the call, but I think there would have been a lot more skepticism on PFT's part if there wasn't some conversation in advance of the call being made.
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    Re: Paul F. Tompkins Thread

    There's an interview with PFT on the Nerdist site, which goes into detail of how this transpired:

    N: Well, youíre always a delight on your myriad podcast appearances. Particularly, Iím a big fan of when you do celebrity impersonations, like Werner Herzog or Cake Boss. Iím curious ó have you ever met any of your real-life counterparts, people you do impressions of?

    PFT: The only people Iíve ever met are John C. Reilly and John Lithgow. And when I met John Lithgow, I hadnít been doing the impression. That was definitely the inspiration for the impression was meeting him. John C. Reilly, of course, Iíve worked with a number of times. The only other one I came close to was Ice-T. He just launched a podcast, and within a week of his podcast launching, I got an e-mail from my agent saying Ice-T would like to have you as a guest on his podcast. And I said, ďOh, of course!Ē I was very excited and nervous about it, because I knew he was going to make me do the impression. I knew the reason I was being asked was because I had been doing an impression of him, and he had been apprised of that impression. I knew that he would make me do the impression for him. So I get this call, a couple of days later, so they set it up, and Iím talking to Ice-T, and so weíre talking and Iím very excited, and he says ďDo the impression.Ē I do it, and he says, ďAww, that was terrible!Ē which really made me laugh. Then I found out the next day, that that was not Ice-T, it was an Ice-T impersonator, this guy Rockwell ó a comic in New York, who pranks people as Ice-T ó like, heíll call up the Howard Stern show, and he does a really great Ice-T impression. Itís way more accurate than mine. And so they ran it ó itís up now, they edited it down, itís like 5 minutes, but we talked for about 25 minutes. So physically I wasnít talking to the real Ice-T, but I do appreciate the crazy, meta aspect of it, of two guys who do Ice-T impressions talking to each other.

    N: [laughter] Thatís amazing.

    PFT: Ice-T is a great sport about people doing impressions of him, apparently, obviously, and so I have no choice but to be a great sport about being pranked by Ice-T.

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