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Thread: Greg Fitzsimmons Interview

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    Greg Fitzsimmons Interview

    I recently interviewed Greg Fitzsimmons on my podcast 'The Green Room with Sean Green' and he had some great stories about stand up comedy including his first appearance on David Letterman. I talk to him about his new book, including what it was like to get a forward from Howard Stern.

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    Re: Greg Fitzsimmons Interview

    Loved this.
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    Re: Greg Fitzsimmons Interview

    Did anyone ever the Andy Dick interview on Greg's podcast? Greg mentioned something in passing about not liking Bob Odenkirk.

    Is there some sort of beef between these two guys? I love them both so it'd be hard to pick a side..

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    Re: Greg Fitzsimmons Interview

    Quote Originally Posted by philly View Post
    I love them both so it'd be hard to pick a side..
    Then don't....

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